VIDEO: PM Narendra Modi Trolling His Opponents ROYALLY ! Watch It Till The End !

VIDEO: PM Narendra Modi Trolling His Opponents ROYALLY ! Watch It Till The End !

Pitching strongly for delinking religion from terrorism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that terrorism is a problem faced by the entire mankind and not just by a particular nation.

“Let me give you a record of the work we have done in 2015, because it is my responsibility to give a record our work to public. Our campaign on gas subsidy led to 9 million people surrendering their subsidy, helping millions of poor families to get gas connections,” he said.

He said that the government’s decision to transfer LPG subsidy directly to bank accounts had paid rich dividends, adding that around Rs.14-15, 000 crores that was being stolen earlier was saved.

“There was record output of coal in 2015. Also record production of electricity and record cargo handled at major ports. Our decision to have 5% ethanol in petrol led to record production of ethanol in 2015 leading to better income for farmers,” he said.

“Our Jan Dhan Yojana has led to 210 million new accounts, bringing millions into the banking sector,” he added.

He also said that India has emerged as lone light of hope amid the global recession.

He said the government had done a remarkable job in electrifying the villages, adding that all the villages in the nation would be electrified within the next 1000 days.

“When we assumed office we discovered that there is no electricity in about 18,000 villages. Is this proper.. 18000 villages in India are still without electricity. We will bring them electricity within 1000 days. 7000 have already been electrified,” he said. Watch the Video below:

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