Video Proof: Here is How Rahul Gandhi is going to be Elected as Congress President

Many might raise question about Rahul Gandhi’s selection or election to be the next Indian National Congress Party President. But it does seem to be unnecessary to question the oldest party who has been running for the largest democracy in a truly democratic way.

Our research team investigated and we’re able to find out inside details about the process for election of next Congress President. Our research team were able to get some visual evidence for our viewers after a lot of efforts. It was clear that the election process is transparent, democratic, fair and incredible. Here is the video evidence.

From the video evidence viewers must be sure that Congress is moving in right direction following their family dynasty. Not all are famous as Rahul Gandhi, not all are so talented as Rahul Gandhi, not all are so amazing as Rahul Gandhi.

For the viewers who took it seriously and were here to check if there was really am evidence that Rahul Gandhi would become Congress President by fair “Elections”, please rethink, we gave our country not to a party but to a Family to be ruled and exploited. Wishing Rahul Gandhi all the best for his future.

Disclaimer:- The article is only for entertainment purposes and the Author of the website does not intend to malign the image of any person mentioned in the above article