Video: See how Raveena Tandon Royally Slaps Critics and Praises PM Modi on Demonetisation

Raveena Tandon royally slapped the critics and praised PM Modi on Demonitisation. She said sarcastically that she is using money stored by her children’s in Piggy bank. She went on to say that there will be some troubles, but what will happen after some trouble will lead to better India.

She said that people stand in long queue’s to get Visa for 1st world countries like UK and US and do not have any problems with that. But many of these opportunists are complaining about standing in line to exchange their old notes.

She went on to say, PM Modi has the guts to clean the political system, when he is ruling. He does not bother, if this move backfires about his prospects in 2019, but bold enough to clear the political system during his tenure.

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