Video: Terrified Pakistani Expert Accepts That Chabahar Port Will Ruin Gwadar Dreams

PM Modi and MEA Sushma Swaraj, with their expert show of International Diplomacy, have clinched important deal to Link India with Chabahar Port in Iran. Indian major ports like JNPT in Panvel Mumbai and others on west coast from Gujarat to Kerala can be easily connected to Chabahar port. This will give India access to Afghanistan via Iran and will also give India access to other central Asian countries.

Furthermore, it will depreciate the value of Gwadar port in Pakistan, which was important point in connecting to Afghanistan and other West Asian countries till date. It could also lead to China patching up with India to use this route for trade as till now, its using Gwadar port to do the same via Pakistan. The chances of this happening are less though.

Moreover, it will give surveillance and strengthen Indian presence in and around international water border of India and Pakistan, the same root which was used by Kasab and other Pakistani LeT terrorists to carry out Mumbai Attack 26/11. Hence, this will help increase India’s maritime security, according to experts.

Here is what terrified Pakistani Media and their TV experts have to say on it:

As long as there is higher instability in Afghanistan as compared to Iran, Chabahar port will be of higher significance than the Gwadar port. And as of now, Iran seems more stable than Afghanistan.

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