Video – Unbelievable Story of How These Kargil Villages got Electricity for The First Time Post Independence

It took more than 70 years since independence for the people in the upper reaches of Kargil to see an electric bulb glowing. Thanks to solar energy, Stakchey brok and Fooker Bodh Kharbu villages situated at the altitude of 14000 feet, have been electrified for the first time since country got independence in 1947.
The authorities had not laid electric cables and poles in these remote areas since the villages are located at a higher altitude. This resulted in the people living in abject darkness and using traditional and hazardous means of lighting. Come 2016, the Kargil Renewable Energy Development Agency (KREDA) has installed 12 grids using state-of-the-art DC Nano Grid solar technology to electrify these two villages.

Watch Full Story of How This Happened Here: