Views of Dr. Ambedkar that so called ‘saviours of Dalits’ won’t let the public know

Dr. Ambedkar

Politicians the world over love to keep the masses ignorant so that it is easy for them to emotionally exploit them. When an iconic leader rises from amongst the masses, more often than not, his followers are seen to idolise him or her. While that in itself isn’t wrong, what is unfortunate is that the political heirs to the said leader often misquote and misuse the icon’s position to further their own interests. We can see that a lot in our country and in this article we will see how congress, leftists and their cronies have kept people in the dark about much of Dr. Ambedkar’s views simply because it does not suit their agenda.

Ambedkar on Abrahamic religions

Congress, Communists and Dalit leaders miss no chance to let the masses know that
Dr. Ambedkar hated Hinduism and burnt the Manusmriti (which they believe is the most sacred texts for caste Hindus. Truth is it is just one of the many scriptures that Hindus have and certainly not the most sacred one. It is not the scope of this article to analyse Manusmriti but suffice here to say that there are several misconceptions about this book). These leaders conveniently forget that Dr. Ambedkar was equally vocal against Abrahamic religions.

Ambedkar on Islam

I’ll be quoting a few passages from his book ‘Pakistan or The Partition of India’ which will make it amply clear that though he was against the ills of Hinduism he was not in awe of Islam which is what today’s so called Ambedkarites would want the masses to believe. In the chapter ‘Social Stagnation’ he talks about all the evils plaguing Muslim society such as purdah, Talaq, child marriage, caste system etc without mincing any words.

Pages 226-227: “Take the position of women. It is insisted by Muslims that the legal rights given to Muslim women, ensure them a greater measure of independence than allowed to other Eastern women… the Muslim woman is the most helpless person in the world … her fate is ‘once married, always married’. She cannot escape the marriage tie, however irksome it may be. While she cannot repudiate the marriage, the husband can always do it without having to show any cause. Utter the word ‘Talaq’ and observe continence for three weeks and the woman is cast away”

Pgs 230-232: “The Mohamedans observe not only caste but also untouchability. There can thus be no manner of doubt that the Muslim Society in India is afflicted by the same social evils as afflict the Hindu Society. Indeed, the Muslims have all the social evils of the Hindus and something more. That something more is the compulsory system of purdah for Muslim women”

In page 233 he says “The existence of these evils among the Muslims is distressing enough. But far more distressing is the fact that there is no organised movement of social reforms among the Musalmans of India on a scale sufficient to bring about their eradication … The Hindus have their social evils … and a few of them are actively agitating for their removal. The Muslims on the other hand, do not realise that they are evils and consequently do not agitate for their removal. Indeed, they oppose any change in the existing practices.”

His refusal to convert to Christianity and Islam, despite being offered inducements of a large scale by both missionaries and Nizam of Hyderabad, proves that he was against Abrahamic religions. He believed that one would cease to be an Indian if he converted to either of these religions and was in favour of converting to one of the various Indic religions. He asked his followers to do the same stating “I advise my Dalit brothers to convert to Buddhism and avoid conversion to non-Indic religions”. He viewed Abrahamic religions as a threat to national integration and that should put to rest all doubts about his views on either of these religions.

His views on RSS, Veer Savarkar

Not only did Ambedkar attend an RSS programme in Pune in 1949 but was also impressed with (and surprised at) the RSS culture of not asking a fellow RSS person his caste. He, therefore, believed that RSS was truly a nationalistic and non-casteist organization. He appreciated reform works carried out by Veer Savarkar and believed that eradicating caste system to unite Hindus was the way forward for Hindus. He mirrors Savarkar (his views on Hindutva are a topic for another day!) in as far as the caste system is concerned. Savarkar also believed that caste system was merely a practice and not co-terminus with Sanatana Dharma.

Dr. Ambedkar wrote a letter to Savarkar when the latter was presiding over a Mahar conference in Ratnagiri and said “I, however, wish to take this opportunity of conveying to you my appreciation of the work you are doing in the field of social reform. If the Untouchables are to be part of the Hindu society, then it is not enough to remove untouchability; for that matter you should destroy ‘Chaturvarna’. I am glad that you are one of the very few leaders who have realised this.” (Source: Veer Savarkar by Dhananjay Keer)

Some of his thoughts

He urged his fellow Dalits to become educated for he believed that only education was the way forward for Dalit masses to rise from their poverty. He firmly believed that reservations, which every community is now rushing to get, should be abolished after a decade. In essence, he had set a time bound reservation policy which our selfish politicians have continued for more than seven decades just because it gets them votes. He wanted his people to progress on the grounds of merits and not reservations. He was also against Article 370 granting special status to Kashmir.

This is a very selective writing on his views on various issues. The fact that we are trying to bring to the notice of people at large is that Ambedkarites revel in churning out the fact that Dr. Ambedkar was anti-Hindu but they would never tell you the entire truth. Anything that doesn’t suit their narrative is cleverly edited out. It is easier to fool people who have never read Ambedkar and his views and manipulate them for one’s political gains that the so called saviours of Dalits have been doing since decades. The bringing back of casteist politics and the continued trend of misquoting and twisting Dr. Ambedkar’s words for one’s selfish ends is appalling to say the least. It is time their game is exposed and people are presented the entire truth as it is so that they can read, analyse, judge and draw conclusions for themselves. That way no one can manipulate them as these ‘selfish netas’ have been doing for several decades since independence!!!