Views Expressed by This Person exposes Congress’s Alleged Role in Bhim Koregaon Violence

There was a question asked by a Person named Pranjal in Quora “From minority appeasement to making Dalits an issue, is Congress going back to the basics of the dirty 20th century politics to gain lost political ground?” to this, a Person, who is a professor at Yorks College, Birmingham, U.K responds with an amazing reply exposing the alleged role of Congress to divide Indians on basis of casts, creating riots to kill own countrymen to gain the lost power the same way, they have done all the years past independence.

This is what he quotes.

Pranjal, no political party in India can be said playing a fair political game. But there is a larger question, who gave birth to the ‘dirty’ politics in India? Who started minority appeasement? Who followed British policy of ‘divide and rule’? Who killed 3000 Sikhs in cold blood because their 1.7% vote share does not make any difference to any political party out of Punjab? Everybody knows the answer – the Congress!!

Here I would like to quote Franklin Roosevelt “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”

Again, I can not stop myself from quoting my views about ‘Society’. It is the society that produces dirty politicians and then suffer. Then it can be asked, why the society vote for the corrupt? Simple! The society itself is corrupt.

Coming back to your question, yes the designer of a filthy political system in India – the Congress, after having lost the confidence of the people, is desperate to regain power. Indira Gandhi’s promulgation of emergency in 1975 was nothing but to keep the power to herself. Similarly the creation of Pakistan on the bodies of a million people was also a case of lust for power by the so-called saviors of India and top leaders of freedom struggle against the British.

Today, the Dalit and caste card has been used openly by every Tom, Dick and Harry of Indian politics. The situation is so precarious that even the corrupt politicians who are sentenced by the courts, shamelessly claim to be the victims of a ‘caste oriented justice system’. Lalu’s is the latest example.

As far as BJP is concerned, I think BJP need not play the Caste card because it clearly knows that all castes (not religions) if united, the Hindu majority can keep them in power. It is the first time after Chanakaya 2500 years ago, that the signs of Hindus being united are visible. And for the Congress, it is naturally an alarming issue because it stands no where with its ‘divide and rule’ politics. On the recent unfortunate incidents in few states in the Southwest especially Maharashtra, the people should use common sense. Why would a person burn its own house?? Certainly, the Congress is trying its best to take the nation back to its 19th and 20th century politics. Why the BJP would instigate caste-based riots in its own states? Rest everybody has his or her own point of view and we must respect all. Thanks

Ashok Anand