Vinod Dua doctors Nitin Gadkari interview to prove growing dissent within BJP, gets exposed

Time doesn’t seem to be on the side of senior journalist Vinod Dua lately. After getting accused of molestation by a filmmaker, as part of the #Metoo movement, Dua now finds himself surrounded by fresh allegations of misusing his position to spread misinformation.

Recently, in the seventh episode of his video blog, The Vinod Dua show, the Journalist claimed that dissent is growing within BJP. Dua suggested, that in an interview, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari blamed NDA government of Narendra Modi for stalled projects. To back his claim, he featured a short clip from an interview that Nitin Gadkari did with HW news.

Vinod Dua went on to say that this proves, not only the likes of Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie and Shatrughan Sinha but even people from RSS background like Nitin Gadkari are voicing their dissent against Narendra Modi.

However within sometime, Office of Nitin Gadkari posted an extended version of the clip that Vinod Dua had used in his video blog. From the original videoit becomes clear that from government, Nitin Gadkari meant the previous UPA government of Congress. Gadkari in the interview blamed previous UPA government for stalling various projects. But Dua, very carefully edited out the part where Gadkari pronounced “UPA,” and made it appear as if he was blaming Modi government.

With controversy escalating, HW news took down the seventh episode of the Vinod Dua show. However, Nitin Gadkari’s entire interview with the portal is still available on their website, which one can watch to clear all the doubts about whom Gadkari actually meant to blame.