Violent assault on Arnab and his wife allegedly by Congress supported goons after he questioned Sonia on Palghar

Republic Media head Arnab Goswami was physically assaulted on Thursday midnight allegedly by Congress supported goons. The car of the Primetime anchor was surrounded and attacked by a mob of bike riding goons.

Bottles were thrown on the car. Window was banged and abuses were hurled. Reportedly, Arnab’s wife was with him and they erewe returning from studio when the attack came. However, his security quickly apprehended the goons and saved Arnab from any further damage.

Condemning the attack, BJP spokesperson and a regular face Arnab’s debate shows, Sambit Patra write on twitter, “I condemn the violent attack on Mr Arnab Goswami & His Wife in Mumbai!. This is not how street thuggery can take over Freedom of Expression.
Maharashtra Government needs to seriously look into this. The perpetrators should not go unpunished.”

Arnab Goswami was on the target of the Congress party ever since he vocally questioned the silence of Congress President Sonia Gandhi over the Palgarh mob lynching incident Maharashtra, a state where her party is a part of the government.

Questioning Sonia, Arnab during his live show wondered whether Sonia Gandhi is covertly happy about what happened. This enraged the Congress party, which threatend of legal action against the journalist.

The tensions between Arnab and Congress is not going cool down any time soon after this. It remains to be seen where all this heads in days to come.