Violent clashes in Kolkata after miscreants allegedly belonging to TMC attacked Amit Shah’s roadshow, statue of social reformer Vidyasagar gets vandalised

Clashes broke out at couple of places on Tuesday during mega roadshow of BJP President Amit Shah in Kolkata resulting in utter chaos after sticks were hurled at his convoy and police resorted to lathicharge to disperse the crowd. Clashes reportedly broke out after some miscreants allegedly belonging to the TMC started throwing sticks, stones and glass bottles at the convoy in which the BJP president Amit Shah was travelling in.

The clash broke at near Vidyasagar College in Kolkata. As per allegations, stones and other items were hurled at BJP supporters in the roadshow from top of the college. Following this, the BJP supporters charged inside the building and a scuffle broke out between them and activists of TMC student wing.

Meanwhile, during the scuffle, a bust of Bengali social reformer Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar broke down. This has led to a state wide controversy with people of both the party’s blaming each other.

Lashing out at the State government and TMC, Amit Shah said, “The way people had gathered for the BJP roadshow in Kolkata, almost every person in the city was present. There was no place to even stand along the eight-kilometre stretch. Frustrated goons of Mamata didi’s TMC attacked the roadshow. There was a medical college 200 meters away from my rath, the attack began from there. Inflammatory substances were thrown and there were attempts to create a stampede.”

“I want to thank the BJP workers that despite all this the roadshow continued for 1.5 hours and ended at the scheduled place and time. I condemn the violence Mamata’s party is doing here. I appeal to the people of West Bengal to give answer to violence with peace. It is important to defeat TMC to stop the politics of violence in the state,” he added.

Shah further criticised the Election Commission (EC) for turning a blind eye towards TMC’s actions.

“In the last six phases of the Lok Sabha elections, violence took place only in West Bengal and nowhere else. I want to ask the people of West Bengal that BJP is contesting polls everywhere, but there is no violence, but here (in West Bengal) BJP and TMC are contesting and there is violence. This proves that TMC does not believe in democratic values and is attempting to strangle democracy. They want to effect Lok Sabha elections in the same way 60 political activists were killed during the Panchayat elections,” Shah said.

“I want to appeal to the Election Commission too. The Election Commission is turning a blind eye towards TMC in West Bengal. At least, now to save their prestige, they should give directions to arrest all the goons who are roaming around. Several times the Chief Secretary and DGP don’t obey orders of the Election Commission,” he added.