Viral video: Aam Aadmi Party’s Atishi Marlena urges to vote for even goons to keep BJP out of power

Aam Aadmi Party’s Atishi Marlena has stoked a controversy after she was in a viral video, appealing to vote for even goons in order to keep BJP out of power.

In the video, Atishi, who is Kejriwal’s close aide and AAP’s East Delhi candidate for the Lok Sabha elections, is seen telling people to not hesitate from voting goons if it means defeat of BJP.

“It is our responsibility to vote for such a candidate/party that can defeat BJP. There is no single party in the country that can defeat the BJP alone. There are regional parties that are fighting against BJP in several states. In UP, only the SP-BSP coalition can defeat the BJP. So if one should vote for the alliance no matter how the candidate is. If the candidate is a goonda, still, we have to vote for the candidate to defeat BJP,” Atishi is heard saying in the video.

Meanwhile, BJP’s Delhi unit alleged that Marlena is a terrorist sympathiser and her parents even went on to defend Afzal Guru who masterminded attacks on the parliament in 2001. BJP further said that it is only normal for people like Atishi to support goons.