Viral video: After Isha Yoga centre, Evangelists enter Hindu temple to preach Christianity and ridicule the gods

A couple of days ago, video of a Christian evangelists making provocative calls at the Isha yoga centre in Coimbatore had gone viral. And now within a couple of days another couple of similar videos have emerged.

In the latest videos, a group of evangelists are seen entering Hindu temples in South India and making derogatory remarks about Hinduism, and going to the extent of calling Hindu gods as “Satan” in-front of the devotees.

Apart from making provocative statements which could’ve sparked riots in any part of the world, the evangelists are also seen distributing anti-Hindu pamphlets, with the intention of converting people into Christianity.

In both the clips, locals are seen confronting the evangelists and their Hinduphobia. However instead of gently going away, the evangelists argued with the local Hindu devotees. When a local confronted the lady evangelist in the first video as to why she entered a Hindu temple to preach Christianity, she said, “If you want you take (the pamphlet), otherwise say NO”!

The Christian aggression is gradually rising in different parts of the country. Recently some people from the church attached a tribal religious ceremony in Meghalaya calling it a “work of devil.”