Viral video exposes the political stunt that Women’s Wall was

On 1st January, a protest named Women’s Wall took place in Kerala, to demand equal rights for women inside the Hindu shrine of Sabarimala. Hundreds of thousands of women came out to form a human-chain, spanning across all 14 districts and an area of more than 600 kilometres.

The entire event was supported by the state’s ruling regime. However, pretty surprisingly, a large number of Muslim women sporting burqa, also turned out for the event, despite the fact that the attire has been regarded as the single biggest symbol of women oppression by many thinkers.

Nevertheless, now a very interesting video is making rounds on the Internet, In which an interviewer is seen asking some basic questions to the Muslim participants of Women’s Wall, such as the purpose of the event.
As seen in the video, a major number of Muslim ladies who were standing in the human chain, had no idea about what was going on.

Many couldn’t give any answer to the question about the purpose of the event, while some simply told the interviewer to ask someone else. Things took an even extremely hilarious turn, when some of the Muslim women went on to say that they are participating in the Women’s Wall, because their husbands have told them to do so.

After watching the video one may ask, what purpose was served by making a 600 kilometres long human-chain in which a large number of people were not even aware of what they were doing? Was the Women’s Wall only a political stunt by Pinarayi Vijayan led communist government in the Kerala?