Viral video shows Rajdeep Sardesai saying that Journalists are like vultures

In a viral video, Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai is seen saying that journalists are like vultures. The video is of Sardesai’s conversation with the students of St Pauls Institute of Communication Education, in November of this year.

The video shows Rajdeep Sardesai delicately narrating the events of 2001 parliament attack and how he competed with other channels in that situation.

Sardesai says that he and his team were planning a wine and kabab feast at the Parliament Garden on the day of the attacks. But within five minutes from entering the Parliament, he and his team heard gun shots. Sardesai says that, filled with the excitement of covering an exclusive story, he directed one of his colleagues to close down the gates of the Parliament premises so that no other channel can enter.

He then says that it was a great day and that journalists like vultures, feed on such situations. was a great day. We are like vultures. We feed on these moments.” he said.

In 2001, Rajdeep Sardesai was associated with the NDTV.