Viral video suggests lack of enthusiasm for Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka

BJP’s National Spokesperson Tajinder Bagga recently shared an embarrassing video of Rahul Gandhi’s convoy in Karnataka. The video shows Rahul Gandhi waving hands from an open-hood vehicle to a disinterested crowd.

In the video a small number of regular commuters are seen standing on both sides of the street to witness the convoy, and none of them appeared to be very enthusiastic about Rahul Gandhi. Instead giggles and laughs from the crowd can clearly be heard in the video. There were no cheers, claps or slogans in favour of Rahul Gandhi even when his vehicle passed by.

Rahul Gandhi is the President of India’s oldest political party that ruled the Country for the longest period of time. He has recently expressed his ambition to stand for the 2019 Lok Sabha Election as the Prime Ministerial candidate if a consensus is developed among the allies.

Meanwhile IndianTwitterati have already started taking jibes at Rahul Gandhi and his party regarding this viral video.

With assembly polls just days away, the political tensions in Karnataka are at an all time high. Will Rahul Gandhi fail to make an impact again is the biggest question which is yet to be answered.