Viral video: Tamil Nadu police officer gets manhandled by a group of bearded miscreants in the middle of the road

Recently, a clash between police officers and a Sikh man in Delhi had stirred a major controversy. A video had gone viral showing a Sikh tempo driver charging on a number of Delhi police cops with Kirpan (holy dagger), and fatally injuring one officer. However the video further showed that after having him disarmed, the police officers also attacked on the Sikh man in a manner which many deemed to be revengeful and unprofessional.

The incident gave rise to a huge controversy with people divided on who was to be blamed. Some blamed the police officers while some laid the blame on the Sikh driver. A few held both responsible for what transpired. Several political leaders like Arvind Kejriwal and Majinder Singh Sirsa also jumped into the controversy to score a few political points.

Nevertheless, even before the Delhi controversy could get over properly, another similar video has emerged, this time from Tamil Nadu.

The video shows a group of bearded men, manhandling an alone police officer in middle of a road at what seems like Midnight. It is still unknown what triggered the altercation.

Though despite being another incident of clash between civilians and police, there are several differences between the incidents in Delhi and the one in Tamil Nadu as well.

In the Delhi incident, the Sikh driver and his minor son were surrounded and clearly outnumbered by police cops, all of whom were armed with batons. While in the latest video from Tamil Nadu, there is only one police man, surrounded by a number of assailants.

We’ve not been able to ascertain when the incident actually took place. However, the recent series of events has surely raised some serious questions on the professionalism of our police forces.