Viral video: Woman claiming to be from India cheers for Pakistan against her own country in world cup, abuses PM Modi

The cricket world cup match between India and Pakistan was surely the biggest attraction of the tournament. The entire stadium at Old Trafford along with makeshift stands were completely sold out as Indian and Pakistani fans filled out at the arena to witness what is regarded as one of the most intense rivalries in all of sports.

India, as already known, mauled Pakistan by registering victory with a whopping margin of 89 runs. However, now as we are in the culminating stages of the tournament with India going right through to semis and Pakistan almost out of contention, a controversial video from the match almost a month ago has surfaced on the Internet.

The video shows a woman who identifies herself as an Indian, cheering for the Pakistani team and fans. At the beginning of the video, the woman walks up to the part of the stands where Pakistani fans were sitting and meets the iconic supporter of Pakistan cricket team ‘chacha.’ She tells other Pakistani fans that she is from India and since childhood she loves chacha. After this, chacha asks Pakistani fans to applaud for the woman saying that she is like his daughter.

The round of applause by Pakistani fans apperantly overwhelmed the woman who all of sudden started raising “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans. She further went on to categorically cry that “India ke saamne bhi jeetega, Pakistan jeetega, (will win against India also, Pakistan will win).”

Here it is natural for people to think that the woman perhaps got a little carried away by the warm welcome she received from Pakistani fans, and there is no reason to give this incident much importance. However such thinking will probably change after the watching the second part of the incident. Another video of that same incident is also going viral on the Internet.

This second video shows the same woman at the same spot, but this time with a Pakistani flag around her shoulders and even more provocative slogans on her lips. In the second video, the woman is seen using abusive words for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and even endorsing one Khalistan supporter who was also present amongst the Pakistani supporters.

However, it must also be remembered that we’ve not been able ascertain whether the woman in the video is really Indian or not, as she is seen claiming. It is possible that is a scripted video, specifically created to provoke the Indians.