Viral Videos of Mumbai Woman Exposes Fake #MeToo Moment

In a series of videos that have gone viral on the internet, a woman is seen having a heated altercation with watchmen and police personnel at a posh apartment in Lokhandwala, while stripping her clothes off in rage.

It is learnt that the incident dates back to 25th of October, when the woman, a model and content writer by profession, asked one of the building’s watchman named Alok, to bring her a packet of cigarettes at her flat on 15th floor at midnight. The guard however denied to obey the order. Enraged with this, the woman who was heavily drunk, came down to abuse and assault Alok, the watchman. She later dialed the police emergency number.

A team of cops from nearby Oshiwara police station, soon arrived at the spot and asked the woman to come with them to register a case, but she reportedly denied to co-operate, citing the absence of lady cops in the team as a reason.

“The woman, who is a native of Deharadun, lives as a paying guest in the posh housing society of Lokhandwala. She was drinking inside her flat on the 15th floor of the building and asked the security guard Alok via intercom to get a packet of cigarette for her. The security guard however denied. Enraged, she came down and started to argue with Alok,” said an officer.

After all the drama, the woman wanted to return back to her flat but when the police refused to let her go, she started stripping her clothes off before the watchmen, police personnel and the crowd that had gathered to witness the chaos. She further attacked another security guard identified as Usman, that night.

She later took to twitter and attempted to give the entire incident a completely different angle by calling it a #MeToo moment. In her tweet she accused the watchmen of assaulting her, which appears contrary to what is seen in the viral videos. She also accused the police of forcing her to come with them, a claim which met with prompt refutation from the Mumbai police.

On Saturday, she reached Oshiwara police station to register her complaint. Her statement was recorded and the case is likely to be registered. The senior police officers refused to comment.