Virat Kohli running monopoly in Indian cricket: Bishan Singh Bedi

Former India captain and legendary spinner, Bishan Singh Bedi who is known for having an outspoken attitude, took some jibes at the current Indian captain Virat Kohli.

Speaking at Sahitya Aaj Tak, Bedi suggested that Virat Kohli maybe running monopoly in Indian cricket. Speaking about Anil Kumble’s sudden resignation from the position of Indian team’s head coach following an alleged fallout with Captain Kohli, Bedi said “That is what I am saying, one person [Virat Kohli] is doing all he wants and we are letting it happen. What would Anil [Kumble] have said, he was gracious to leave it like that.”

Further speaking about team India’s poor track record in overseas conditions and changes of winning in Australia, he said “The Indian team is good, we all know that but the same team went to England and South Africa and those teams were also ‘weak’. Yes the bans have happened on two kids [Steve Smith and David Warner] but a team is not made of two individuals. In fact, our team is made of one person, everything is about Kohli. The amount of focus there is, you don’t realise how much pressure you are putting on that kid [Kohli], both as a batsman and a captain.”

Following India’s humiliating 180-run loss against Pakistan in 2017 Champions Trophy final, the first reports on a Kohli-Kumble clash appeared in media. The players were reportedly unhappy with Kumble’s style of coaching while the BCCI failed to bridge the gap between Kohli and the coach.

Shortly later, the former Indian spinner stepped down from the role with a letter where he had mentioned about the “captain had reservations” with his coaching. A few days later, Ravi Shastri was announced as the new head coach and there were reports surrounding Kohli’s recommendations on the signing.