#VishwaNalayakKejriwal trends on Twitter; Here are the TOP Tweets

Vishwa Nalayak Kejriwal image 1

Twitter trends are getting weirder by the day. Political parties on both the sides are trending things that would have been outrageous just a few years back. However, when a particular political leader decides to call the Prime Minister of the country as a coward and psychopath, all rules are already down the gutter.

Today, #VishwaNalayakKejriwal trended on twitter for a really long time. This tweet trend was in relation with Arvind Kejriwal and his various antics, including his recent attack on the prime minister after the president did not allow the unconstitutional act of the AAP party.

We bring to you the best tweets from the trend:

The above tweet tries to show the propensity of AAP party to forget about a place after the elections are over and move on to the next place where elections are going to happen.

Though a bit tasteless for the CM of Delhi, this is in his own language.





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