Kashmir: Indian Army Gives Solid Reply to Anti-India Campaigners During Friday Prayers !!


12/08/2016; FRIDAY

The drama in the already disturbed Kashmir just doesn’t seem to end! This time, disturbance was manufactured in Arhama-Manigam, a small settlement in Ganderbal district of Jammu & Kashmir. Showcasing a textbook example of the blatant use of the mosque as a tool for anti-national hate propaganda, some youth played “freedom” songs & anti-India slogans on the loudspeakers of the local mosque.

Naturally, this annoyed the Commanding Officer of 5 Rashtriya Rifles. Miffed at the drama, the men in uniform cordoned off & entered the mosque, giving the miscreants a sound thrashing. The local Police interfered to save the people from the wrath of the Army men. The village elders & women (read: human shields) then rushed to the scene & accused the Indian Army of using force against them.

Those injured were then provided state funded first aid at the Public Health Centre (Manigam) & Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (Soura); ironically, from the state from which they were demanding “freedom” a few hours ago.

Violence ensued elsewhere in the district too! Reports of other incidents of violent clashes were also received from Khann Harran, Saloora, Gangerhama, Giraj, & Beehama throughout Friday, resulting in several injuries. Local elements attacked security forces, injuring an Army SHO, 7 policemen & 5 CRPF men. A large number of stone pelters wreaked havoc in Kujar Fatehpura.

There were large scale provocative protests & sloganeering in Tulamull, too. However, the Army exercised restraint, preventing any violence or clashes.

How do you view this? Hate campaign? Paid Pelters? Distracted Youth? Cross border involvement?

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