Voter Awareness Campaign #VoteMaadi is Creating Waves in Bengaluru

You are responsible for the Government you create, better cast your Vote.

Every vote counts, the Government you get is a result of your vote. You, as a united voice represent your views and community, if you do not vote how does your views and grievances get addressed? A single vote could decide who your representative is. So if you need representation never say you are not concerned with politics that govern you. Standing in the queue, reaching the polling station to vote if you feel are hardships then your path to complaining about civic amenities, legislations, imposition of rules, working of the Government also meets an end. You failed in exercising your right, isn’t it?

During the 2013 Assembly elections, had a voter turnout of 71% in Karnataka with Bengaluru Urban having voted at 57% and the 2014 LS elections has a voter turnout of 67% and Bengaluru Urban at 57%. This lower percentage in the city is considered to be contribution of the Apartments, where some apartments casted as low as 18% votes.

Because of ages of loot and corrupt politicians brought a disconnect and disillusioned voters chose to abstain from voting over the years. The attitude and depressing thought process of what a single vote was valued at, created this rift in democracy. Added to it is the cause of a migrated population which reaches the city for employment and does not identify with the local running bodies or the regional politics of the State. Is this the price of the freedom we have been gifted with sacrifice of our freedom fighters, valor of our ancestors who lived for our motherland. Is voting not your duty to make politicians accountable and work in transformation? A vigilant citizen creates awareness and ushers in development of our Nation.

#VoteMaadi is an initiative of IT– Forum, a group of IT professionals in Bengaluru, created for the purpose of generating awareness and responsibility among the voters. In 2014 LS elections, IT- Forum had went door to door to bring people out to polling both on the day of election. Much to the dismay had met with people who chose to cook, laze or holiday except go and vote. Now how does one complain about the callousness in governance?

The main aim of #VoteMaadi campaign is to create this much needed awareness on ground in Bengaluru and through Social Media across the state, till the date of voting on 12th May 2018. The team is reaching out to people at shopping malls, crowded places with street play, musical troupe performance with #VoteMaadi theme, thereby generating interest and is also holding the pledge to vote. #VoteMaadi team conducts drawing competitions for kids at apartment complexes and hosts short speeches with a view to create awareness in young children and adults, answering their queries. These kids are the ambassadors to create awareness in the apartments.

Team has organized talks about #VoteMaadi in bigger events like Startup community, during Central Minister visit events etc. #VoteMaadi walk is also organized in Bengaluru with the intention of creating voter awareness and celebrities joined in too. People are invited to hold placards, walk along the street with theme music and interact with general public along the way. Team also regularly assembles in crowded places interacting with people and answering their questions.

The Social Media outreach is through the platforms of WhatsApp, FaceBook and Twitter with info-graphics and videos showing the importance of voting and what kind of government you get if you don’t vote. This campaign has been received with an overwhelming response. The team campaigns in Social media with the Hashtag #VoteMaadi. Do visit their Twitter and FaceBook pages on @VoteMaadi2018 and spread the awareness to get educated people to come out and vote.

The efforts of #VoteMaadi Campaign is with the intent to make people especially the urban population vote and elect a responsible and answerable Government with active participation of citizens of the State. Team will continue with their goal to reach out to the maximum number of people and spread the message for the need to vote.


#VoteMaadi and Get Appreciated & Rewarded:

Let’s vote on 12th May, 2018 and make our voices heard clearly to the politicians by exercising our power in democracy. Do share your picture with the inked finger or a video with the message about importance of voting, and share it with the hashtag #VoteMaadi on Twitter or FaceBook. You can also WhatsApp your pic/video to the number 819-7574-622 to receive an appreciation letter for doing your duty and also to qualify for a reward.

Article By: #VoteMaadi Team