Voters Refuse To Get ‘Inked’ In Inauspicious Polling Booth In Bengaluru

Call it preposterous or deliberate, more than 50% of the voters in Chamarajpete, a bustling and one of the oldest localities in South Bengaluru did not vote, although their name was in the voter’s list. Reason, their polling booth was inside the Hindu Rudra Bhoomi. (Hindu Crematorium).

It is considered inauspicious to enter a crematorium when you are parents are still alive. Out of the 1,246 voters in the list, only 600 of them casted their franchise. Chamarajapete, has a very high Brahmin population, and being orthodox, they did not come up to vote in the Crematrorium.

Zameer Ahmed Khan a ‘turncoat’ who has jumped to Congress, after being elected from Chamarajpete last time on a JD (S) ticket is one of the contenders from this constituency. The Election Commission should have exercised due care and caution before selecting such booths in a ‘senstive’ area such as Chamarajapete, where the voter turnout could recede when a Crematorium is picked as a polling booth.

While this lapse is seen as an advantage to the ruling cross, the BJP contestant, Lakshminarayana is fuming as most of the Brahmin voters have abstained from voting in this ‘religiously sensitive’ booth.