Wake up Hindus… Kumbh Mela under attack, not Daati Maharaj

Are Harvard-Church-CIA White supremacist racists in full control of Indian police-prosecution-media nexus? In 2019, there will be a Kumbh Mela and also a general (national) election in India, both of which are their targets.

For some time now, Rajiv Malhotra has been exposing how the White supremacist racists belonging to the Harvard-Church-CIA network are working to undermine and destroy one of the oldest and largest gatherings of humanity.

They have done this in Africa, and just walked away with a very late apology (just this year) and nothing more. (1) What use is their apology when it is all over? They will not refrain from doing the same or worse in India either. Wake up Hindus, get the Harvard-CIA nexus out before they burn you alive. Ask them to fix their genocidal past first; let them clean the mountain of dirt on their backs first.

Quoting Rajiv Malhotra it is revealing to see how extremely racist the whole project on “Mapping” the Kumbh Mela by Harvard is: “None of the materials produced by Harvard’s team have discussed the metaphysical meaning of the yajna being carried out at the Kumbh Mela. When they did discuss the “myth” behind the mela, it was presented as some exotic, primitive story along the lines of a Hollywood movie like Lord of the Rings. They do not have the embodied knowing experience, or even the interest, to appreciate the metaphysics of ritam and yajna, and how these manifest in every aspect of the world including in our lives. Such a profound insight into the integral unity lacks because there is no shraddha in the top leadership of the project. None of the project experts interviewed on camera mentioned anything about the metaphysics of re-enacting the cosmic yajna as the purpose of the mela. It is the latest hunting ground for the anthropology of the exotica and erotica.

“Harvard’s team has announced that in the next phase they will move from descriptions/modeling to prescriptions and interventions.” wrote Malhotra.

Rajiv Malhotra writes that he categorises the threat as follows, “in increasing order of seriousness:-

1. Dilution as exotic tourism
2. Source of research for appropriation and digestion
3. Distortion and secularization of the mela itself
4. Infiltration and hijacking by Christian and Islamic groups
5. Condemnation as another “human rights violation” to be exposed through atrocity literature.
6. This is the destructive stage.”  (2)

In this article, it will be briefly highlighted how the organisers of the Mela are attacked to enable the “secularization of the mela”, “4. Infiltration and hijacking by Christian and Islamic groups” and the creation of “atrocity literature” targetting the organisers themselves.

If the present organisers are not attacked and weakened, and if they remain strong, the religious organisers (Akharas) will not allow the secularisation of the mela and also they will resist the infiltration of the mela by Christian and Islamic groups. So to remove the guards one-by-one would do the enemies of the mela very well. By tarnishing the name of the organisers and the leaders in the Akharas they gain more than doubly. While it paints a shameful picture of Hinduism, the vitality of the organisers is sapped as well, not only from the bad publicity it gets the Akharas but also by distracting them into focusing on long drawn legal battles and even unwarranted prison times.


These are the organisers and providers of infrastructure support for the Kumbh Mela. Many spiritual Gurus and Swamijis are anointed by the Akharas as their own, called Mahamandaleshwars and so on. They play a crucial role in the life and organisation of the Kumbh Mela and the broader issues of Hinduism, working to preserve and protect Sanatana Dharma.

Presciently, and again Rajiv Malhotra alone wrote, “We should not be surprised to find Harvard and other influential institutions starting to bring in feminist groups to look for issues at the Kumbh Mela, such as the following: Is the mela dominated by males? Are women being exploited by the events? Are there rapes and harassment? These are some of the standard templates used by such institutions to kick-start their programme. Women are incentivized to speak up as “victims of culture”, leading them to exaggerate or even outright fabricate complaints. Such investigations feed copious databases riding on the back of which eventually we will face interventions in the name of women’s rights.” (2)

As forewarned by Malhotra one such Mahamandaleshwar Daati Maharaj has been “accused” of rape. Does this sound familiar?

IMAGE: From the book titled Breaking India, by Rajiv Malhotra Aravind Neelakandan (3)


Every guest who ever stayed at your house can probably identify the rooms in your house. Does it mean you have abused them? And, how can somebody be called “a victim” even before the case is proved? If the case is proved false, who is the real victim? (6)

Now the pattern is repeating itself, again, as it has done before, again and again. But the White supremacist racists of the Harvard-Church-CIA network will not stop with this. (3)

To know more, read Rajiv Malhotra’s article on why the Kumbh Mela is at risk, or watch this series:-


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