If You Want To Ban Hindu Festival Jallikattu Then Ban Biryani Too – Kamal Hassan Mocks At Fake Animal Activist

Defending the game of jallikattu currently banned in Tamil Nadu, superstar Kamal Haasan today said he is a big fan and all those who hate the bull sport should give up on biryani too.

“If you want a ban on jallikattu, let’s also ban biryani,” Haasan told Managing Editor Rahul Kanwal at the India Today South Conclave in Chennai. “I’m a big fan of jallikattu,” he said.

“I’m probably one of few actors who’ve played jallikattu. Am a proud Tamilian, this is our culture,” he said.


On earlier occasions too, Haasan was vocal about restarting the ‘tradition’ and has said jallikattu must not be confused with bull-fighting in Spain.

The 62-year-old actor had said that in Spain, people hurt the animal and it would die, but in Tamil Nadu bulls are treated like “god, as part of the family”.

Haasan said the sport of jallikattu is all about bull-taming and not about harming the animal involved. “It is about taming the bull and not creating physical harm by breaking its horns or other parts,” he had said.

In a blow to the Tamil Nadu government in November last year, the Supreme Court had dismissed the state’s plea seeking recall of its 2014 verdict banning the bull fights, holding that the practice amounted to cruelty to the animals.

Source : India Today