Your war scare tactics will not work against him China, for his name is Narendra Modi

The recent tensions between India and China erupted over China’s aggression near Dokhlam Plateau, tri- junction of Sikkim – Bhutan – Tibet. Even Though, the current scenario favors India, Dragon is erupting fire and threatening war like situation.

Indian Media thinks that China is having an advantage over India by recalling the 1962 war. They are forgetting a very important fact which happened during the 1967 war in the same Dokhlam Plateau, People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had a great set back from the proud sons of Bharath Mata. In that war PLA had a loss of five hundred lives and went back by conceding defeat to the Indian Army. Let us look at the possibilities of both sides if war was waged right now.

If China Waged a war with its Army:

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of the Communist China is the world’s largest army with 2.3 million soldiers followed by India’s 1.3 Million. The was a recent announcement by Chinese Premier will shrink PLA to 1 Million. Each Indian soldier was trained to tackle 3 opponents i.e. 1:3 ratio. In 1962, the same ratio was widened to 1:8 and background battle lead to loss than that of main battle Field.

In India, soldiers are much more talented when it comes to hilly terrains. India is holding an upper hand and one Indian soldier can tackle five Chinese soldiers. Chinese soldiers are not that talented to face the battle in hilly areas. Best example is 1967 War, this is also one of the main reasons for India’s advantage during this recent aggression in Dokhlam Plateau.

If China Waged a war with its Navy:

India has seven major and several small naval bases which is scattered from Gujarat to West Bengal across the coastal borders. To attack these naval bases, a minimum of 5 carrier battle groups are required, but China has only one active destroyer Type 52D and which has outdated technology. They are in the process of building Type 055 destroyers which will include in the service, only by 2020.

In Contrast, India had INS Viraat decommissioned months ago but right now we have INS Vikramaditya. We are also nearing completion for our brand-new destroyer INS Vikrant built with state of art of Technology. It will be commissioned in the mid of 2018.

Geographically, India doesn’t share its sea borders with China. So, if China planned to attack us with its naval base, is time consuming and risk factor too. This is because they need to reach us via the South China Sea and Indian War Ships are halted in Vietnam. Given that India is holding a strong position in the Indian Ocean it is tough for Chinese to enter.

Second thing, India instead of retaliating, it can block the ships that go to China from Indian Ocean. At present Indian Ocean carries 65% of Worlds Total Trade and 70% of China’s Trade is through sea only. If India does so, it will be a total economic disorder to China. In this context, India is again holding an upper hand.

If China Waged a war with its Air Force:

In the era of 21st Century, Professional Experience values more than physical appearance. Indian Pilots are well versed and experienced. They are professionals who used to participate in international events while Chinese lack in professional experience. In this case, what is the use of having more numbers of jets?

India is eagerly awaiting F-16, Rafale to join the board, the current Air Force has Super Star Su-30Mki, which has a talent to stop even F-22 at borders. I didn’t deny that there are more advanced jet than SU-30Mki, but it has that capacity. Apart from SU-30Mki we have Indigenous Tejas, a multi combat Aircraft, MIG -29, Mirage 2000 and more to protect us from enemies. The Indian Air force is keen on updating its aircraft to 5th generation Fighters, we are going to get ten of this kind by June 2018.

In Chinese Counterpart, they depend more on J-10 Jet, third generation aircraft and outdated model, most of Chinese Air Crafts which are active now was introduced mostly during 1990-2005, there operation and way of attack is subject to their maintenance. A Japanese Survey says, that more than 65% of Chinese Fighters are not fit for war. This is the classic example, how they maintain their aircraft’s. A recent Shift in Chinese Defense Policy gave more importance to the Navy and Air Force and we need to wait and see how that will them in the near future.

Therefore, from this we can conclude that Tiger is having a Cutting edge over dragons in all three forms.

The Current Geo Political Trend is in favor of India, PM Modi’s Image is well settled. World views New Delhi entirely different than compared to its previous periods. Value of India is up surging.

China is not only logging her horns with India, it is having issues with all of her neighbors and India is getting a rousing welcome will all the neighbors of China. The upcoming Republic day is seen as a diplomatic move were India calls major ASEAN Countries i.e. South East Asian Countries are called a Guest of Honor. Though this move is officially called as “Look East Policy”, this has strategical importance and it sends a strong message to China.

In the era of Global Slowdown, the world is analyzing herself for the reason for low growth and lower Inflation, China enjoys a trade surplus of $50 billion. So are they ready to cost themselves or will they go with their aggression policy. China has to decide on it, whether to choose War or Business.

On the other hand, India has to be much more cautious than before. We feel proud that we protected our Sikkim Border, but there is an equal possibility of entering in Ladakh region. Already IB gave of warning over Cyber threats from China. We may lock them in one end, but they will choose to attack us in other platforms. How we are going to tackle that? India should be more cautious than before.

Last but not the least, Listen China, his name is MODI and not NEHRU. It is 2017 and not 1962 so better mind your business.

If India can alone tackle Mighty China, what will be the position of China if other allies joined together with India???