Was tortured before brother, they wanted to bring in my mother to further pressurise me: Claims Swami Aseemanand in recent interview

During a recent interview to the Republic TV, who has been now been acquitted of the terror charges that were framed against him in the UPA regime, has revealed the kind of physical and mental agony he was made to go through.

Aseemanand alleged that he first came under the radar of then Congress President Sonia Gandhi when she visited Dangs tribal area of Gujarat and learnt about his work in reconverting tribals into Hindu faith.

He says, after being picked up in 2007 for allegedly being involved in bomb blasts, charges which have now been dropped, he was rigorously tortured. But he did not accept to the allegations which were being made. To break up mentally, Aseemanand alleges, police brought in his brother and he was tortured before him. Being tortured before his own brother, was a painful experience but he still did not completely break down.

Swami Aseemanand further alleged that after all the tactics of making him confess failed, the police threatened that they would bring his mother and torture him before her. They also threatened that they will mistreat her before him.

Aseemanand says, he knew that his elderly mother would not be able to see her son getting brutally tortured and so he finally gave in to their demands and confessed before judge.

The Swami breaks down and cries when he speaks about his mother and her pain, as well as her final relief when he was set free. “Now I can die in peace” his aged mother said when he was finally free.