Watch how Amit Shah DESTROYED a SILLY AajTak TV ChanneL Reporter

Amit Shah shaming presstitutes image 1

Amit Shah, the right hand of PM Modi and the current BJP president, is known for his organizational capabilities. He was a very crucial person for BJP during Lok Sabha elections and helped manage the BJP team in such a way that allowed BJP to cross the magic number. His talent was especially visible in UP where he directly managed the BJP election campaign and brought 73 seats out of 80 for BJP, which was something unthinkable for even the best BJP supporters in India.

His organizational skills have been proven time and again. What is hidden below the surface, however, is his oratory skill. He barely speaks to the media or to the public at large but that does not mean that he is bad at oratory. Here, have a look at a video to see how he destroys a silly AAJ TAK reporter who tries to get a TRP line from him again and again.

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