Watch How Times Now Anchor Absolutely Ripped Apart the Knowledge Of Anti Hindu Guy Who Filed Petition Of KV Prayer

A Person named Vinayak Shah has done a PIL in supreme court alleging that Morning Prayer done by students of Kendirya Vidyalaya is coming from Hindu Religious texts and since, India is a secular Country, students should not be made to endorse Hinduism.

A KV Alumni had already written an Open letter explaining this brainless hindu hater that Prayer’s in KV are pro humanity and not pro Hindu.

He was in a Times Now debate, where Anchor named Anand first asks him, do he know that from which book representing Hinduism is these prayers from?

Vinayak is clueless and goes into reading mode of some notes handed over to him by some Hindu haters.  Anand goes ahead and reads his PIL, where Vinayak has stated, that he has carefully done full study and concluded that Prayer in KV is from Hindu religion book.

Anand Goes ahead to state him that its from Upanishad and asks another question, do he know, what Upanishad means?, Vinayak Shah is clueless and this completely proves that he is a paid agent of Hindu haters and the move is fully politically motivated.

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