Watch Video As AIADMK Members Fall on The Feet of Next Possible General Secretary, Sasikala Natarajan

The Biggest change that the average Tamil voter would have wanted to see in the Political culture of the state was to stop people from falling on your leaders feet, especially if they are younger. Although J Jayalalithaa is a leader who has been famed for many of her social welfare schemes, there are certain big drawbacks which were visible in her approach. To name a few:-

  1. Complete Anarchy in Decision making, even senior most Ministers/MLAs were not given an opportunity to shine under regime
  2. The Opposition party hardly had a say in anything in the Assembly
  3. Letting people know that she is the boss with antics like making people fall on her feet, irrespective of the age gap

Sasikala Natarajan, close confidante of J Jayalalithaa, has been at the epicenter of many power political decisions in the state. She is now increasingly seeming to be the number 2 in the party. Although there seems to be a change in power center, the AIADMK head and its Ministers/MLAs seem to have not forgotten their old ways and means.

Check the video where the AIADMK cadres are faithfully changing their bosses in the same old fashion, from one in the photo (J Jayalalithaa) to the next possible General Secretary of AIADMK.