WATCH VIDEO: PAK Army KILLING Baluchistan KIDS. You will Forget Syria Kid After Watching This

WATCH VIDEO: PAK Army KILLING Baluchistan KIDS. You will Forget Syria Kid After Seeing This

The world media is mostly controlled by the type of content that the west wants to see thanks to the extensive coverage of news media from UK and USA and other European countries in the world. On the other hand, media of countries like India and Pakistan barely can even show their own country properly, forget setting world media agenda.

Due to this, the west decides what narrative the world will see. As the west is mainly fighting the ISIS as of now, anything that can be shown against ISIS is suddenly shown all over the media throughout the world. No, we are not supporting ISIS. This is what should happen. However, stories of atrocities of Pakistani soldiers on Balochistanis and other such stories that media should be actively covering are hidden away.

WARNING: Some images THOUGH BLURRED may be too graphic for some people.

Zee News anchor Sudhir Chaudhary here exposes the hypocrisy of world media. He begins by showing the images of Alan Kurdi, the syrian kid who died while migrating. However, he asks why images of Balochistani kids being killed for being a Baloch are not being shown in world media. To show this, he puts forwards images doing rounds on social media and other such confirmed images.

He reports about one such incident when 39 people were abducted and 2 killed.

Zee News then shows some youtube clips showing Pakistani atrocities on Baloch people. There are some clips of men being lined up and being killed en masse. Many mass graves have been found where Balochi people, mainly kids, have been buried alive says Tarek Fatek in one of these clips.

Zee News anchor Sudhir Chaudhary then puts up some stats supporting his clause. The timeline of Pakistani atrocities is put forward.

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