We couldn’t see anything properly due to dark: Pakistan Defence Minister on IAF strikes

Pakistani Army and establishment has appeared completely rattled ever since Indian Airforce carried out strikes on Jaish-e-mohammed control room at Balakot in Pakistani mainland. From morning, the Pakistani government and army have been making contradictory claims to conceal the casualties and save itself from embarrassment.

Pakistan claimed that their airforce forced Indian jets to restrain and back-off. But when asked about when Pakistan did not shoot down Indian jets, none of them seem to have a convincing answer. In fact, the Pakistani Defence Minister, Pervez Khattak actually said that their pilots couldn’t properly see what was going on due to dark.

In a press briefing, when Khattak was questioned regarding the air strikes, he could be heard saying, “Yeh jo attack hua hai subah, yeh takreeban 4-5 kilometre andar aaye aur unhone bomb phenk diya. Aur humari air force ready thi chunki raat ka waqt tha pata nahin chala ki kitna nuksan hua hai so they waited aur abhi clear direction mil chuki hai.” (This attack took place in the morning. They came about 4-5 kms inside the border and threw a bomb. Our force was ready but because it was night we didn’t know the extent of damage. So we waited and now we have a clear direction.)

“I want to assure the people that the country is in safe hands. There is nothing above the nation,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a public rally in Churu, Rajasthan, in his first remarks after the strike. He, however, did not make a direct reference to the attack or give any details.