We were treated like dogs, they picked us by collars and thrown us out of the train: Hindu monk and pilgrims returning from Amarnathji, allegedly tortured and humiliated by RPF jawans in Lucknow

A video is going viral on the Internet in which a Hindu is monk is seen alleging that he and his companions had to endure nightmarish torture in the hands of an IRS officer and RPF jawans in Humsafar express, on their way back from Amarnathji pilgrimage.

The monk, who introduces himself as Swami Jyotirmayananda of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, says that two women named Mehnaz Rahman and E Rahman, forcefully occupied seats which were legally reserved by them. At afternoon, the monk says he and his companions requested the women to kindly vacate their seats, so that they could take the some rest. However, instead of vacating the reserved seats, the women started abusing the Hindu pilgrims using vulgar language.

The monk says, later the husband of the women who happens to be a high ranking IRS officer also rushed in and started threatening them. “They told us that this is not Bengal but mid UP,” the monk is seen alleging. Nevertheless, the pilgrims believed that it was in everyones interest to settle down the matter and so they did not argue any further.

However, as per the monk, the episode did not end here. He further alleges that at 12am, the husband of the two women accompanied by RPF jawans, started torturing them and at one point even thrown them out of the train, on platform.

“We were treated like dogs, they picked us by collars and thrown us out of the train. We have two women travelling with us, even they were assaulted. We are very pained at such behavior,” the Hindu monk says in the video.

Meanwhile, people have lashed out on railway department and RPF for such behavior with Hindu pilgrims. They have demanded fast inquiry and punishment for the culprits.