Weeks before assembly elections, Sonia Gandhi becomes Telangana Amma

The Congress Party on Friday, declared Sonia Gandhi to be mother (Amma) of Telangana at a massive public rally, weeks before the state goes for assembly elections.

Congress claimed that Sonia Gandhi has given birth to the state of Telangana and hence she is Telangana Amma. They urged the people of Telangana, whom they referred as Amma’s (Sonia Gandhi’s) children to get rid of the K Chandrasekhar Rao-led TRS government in the state for failing to deliver on his promises.

Sonia Gandhi also didn’t shy away from playing the mother angle in her speech, despite the fact that this was her first visit since the creation of the state. Rahul Gandhi was also present at the rally, making it one of rare instances when both mother and son shared stage.

“I feel happy, as happy as a mother can be when she meets her children after years,” Sonia Gandhi said. She compared Telangana to a newborn and said she was disappointed that TRS had left the baby to fend for itself. “The development that was expected did not take place,” she said, adding, “KCR’s TRS has failed to fulfil many promises. Use your vote to get rid of such a person and his family rule by giving a huge majority to the Congress and its alliance candidates. Teach KCR and TRS a befitting lesson.”

Stating that Congress had to pay for its decision of carving out Telangana, she sought to reassure the people of Andhra Pradesh that her party was committed to giving special category status to the neighbouring state.

“Every mother wants her child to grow, shine and achieve his or her dreams. But this did not happen with the new baby. I am asking you all how many of your dreams have been fulfilled in the last four-and-a-half years,” she asked.

Speaking after his mother, Rahul said TRS raj was all set to end in the state.

(With inputs from agencies)