Weird: When a NUCLEAR Bomb was used to Put out a Fire; Russia is Crazy!!

Nuclear explosion to put out fire image 1

I am sure most of you have a basic understanding of what fire is and what are the best ways to put out a fire. For example, normal fire can be put out by throwing water at the base of the fire or using a fire extinguisher. Other types of fire need some special treatment but can be put out in known ways. But, have you ever thought of using a nuclear bomb to put out fire? Russia has…. SUCCESSFULLY.

A major fire started at a gas well near Bukhara, Uzbekistan in Soviet Russia in December 1963. As it is with such fires, it was left alone with the thought being that it will extinguish when there is no fuel left. But, it went on raging for 3 years and was causing a waste of about 10 million cubic meters of valuable fuel every single day. Russians did try all they could to stop the flame including trying to douse it with water and even trying hydraulic fracturing, but nothing succeeded. Finally, someone had a crazy solution to the problem.

In 1966, it was decided that the gas well could be sealed with the use of a proper contained nuclear explosion. The theory behind this was that the shock wave from the explosion would compress the porous strata of rocks and hence, prevent the gas from escaping the well and in theory, the fire would stop.

In the September of 1966, a nuclear explosive was lowered into the ground and exploded. The explosion put out the flame and sealed the well in a matter of just 23 seconds! A resounding success. Well, Russia is crazy but hey, if it works, it works.

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