Has the West Bengal Government decided to give shelter to the Rohingya Muslims?

As per reports from a leading Bengali daily, Anandbazar, the West Bengal Government seems to have decided to go against the decision of the Central Government, again. And this time according to some, the West Bengal Government has gone too far to play with the National Security.

The West Bengal administration probably will go against the Central Government’s decision to “push back” the Rohingya Muslims who illegally infiltrated into the Indian soil. Refuge will probably be given to those Rohingya Muslims who want to stay back in West Bengal Bengal.

“Just because Rohingyas are Muslim the Central Government has taken such a stance, they can be inhumane we can’t,” a top official of the West Bengal administration was quoted saying.

Rohingya Muslims have entered into Bengal from Basirhat-Bonga border and from various other areas of North Bengal. Most of them have been arrested and are now in jail, but now according to the latest decision they most likely will not be pushed back from Bengal. And if everything goes according to the State Government then many of the Rohingya Muslims may even get Refugee status in West Bengal.

The opposition is accusing the State Government of Muslim appeasement and calling the move nothing but an attempt to grow the Muslim vote bank. “If there’s nothing but appeasement in a person’s mind, that person will indeed welcome Rohingyas. But if tomorrow thousands of Rohingyas start entering into West Bengal will the Chief Minister be able to control it?” BJP West Bengal General Secretary, Sayantan Basu said.

In response to which, the Education Minister and TMC leader Partha Chatterjee said “The Government of Mamata Banerjee is the most humanitarian government in the country, we are doing what is expected from a humanitarian government”.