Reports Suggest Major Rift In WB BJP, Mukul Roy Setting The Stage For A TMC Ghar Wapsi?

From past several several weeks, rumours of a rift between the top two leaders of West Bengal BJP, Mukul Roy and the State President Dilip Ghosh are rife. However if reports are to be believed then the rift extends well beyond the two leaders to their respective camps. Dilip Ghosh is seen within the party as the leader of the RSS loyalist original BJP leaders and cadres. Whereas Roy, once the second-in-command of TMC himself, is perceived as the leader of those ex TMC men within the party who have jumped ships to BJP.

Things between the two reached a boiling point last month when Roy suddenly left a meeting of the beteen top leaders of State and Centre in Delhi midway. Reports suggested that he left following a verbal spat with Ghosh, though neither confirmed anything in this regard. Subsequent reports claimed that all the BJP related pictures and posters were taken down from Mukul Roy’s Delhi residence cum office.

Rumours of Roy returning back to his old party TMC also started making rounds in the power corridors of West Bengal. At last, upon returning to West Bengal, Roy himself convened a press conference and clarified that he is with the BJP and intends of continuing there for feasible future.

However, the speculations couldn’t be rested. On the contrary, with the developments in the State’s political equation, those only kept increasing. A couple of days back, former Trinamool Congress (TMC) MLA Biplab Mitra returned to the party fold on Friday, over a year after he joined the BJP. He is considered to be a close confidant of Roy and hence him returning back to TMC has only added fuel to the floating rumours.

On Monday, third of August, a report by the Times Now claimed that as many as 21 top West Bengal BJP leaders could be jumping ships to the TMC. This, they claimed, include 4 MPs and 1 MLA.

Though, Mukul Roy himself has denied the Times Now report specifically and termed it “Baseless Concoction,” but as as they say, “there is no smoke without fire.” Could there be any truth to the rumours and speculations about the future of 66 year old politician? Is a return to the TMC really on the table for him? It may be noted that before finally jumping ships to BJP, Roy had also denied reports about the same on multiple occasions. Only time can answer this question, but the political scenario of West Bengal is surely turning out to be very interesting just months ahead of the assembly polls.