West Bengal tense after Muslim mob attacks Rat Yatra of Hindus in Basirhat

Yesterday at Baduria, Basirhat sub division of North 24 pargana District of West Bengal, a mob of Muslims attacked Rath Yatra procession over an alleged Facebook post, which claimed that Kaaba is an ancient Shiva Temple. The mob did not stopped there, but they continued their violence. A funeral procession of the Hindus was also Attacked by the Muslim mob, when it was passing by a madrassa.

The attackers, threatened the Hindus and told them to stop chanting the name of their God. The reports say that they even thrown the dead body on the ground. The violence quickly spread through the entire Basirhat sub division, the shops, houses and police stations were burned.

According to the locals, police played the role of spectator in all these, even though the police officers on duty were also attacked by the mob. The Hindus of Basirhat sub division of which Baduria is a part of, are really terrified at recent incidents, they want help from the central government as they don’t seem to have any more faith in the state government.

This morning, Hindus came out on the roads to protest, the Hindu organizations  like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bajrang dal also came out on the roads to protest. The BJP West Bengal leaders tried to visit Baduria, which is the center of all the violence, but the police arrested them before they reach could Baduria.

The questions are now raised at the police and at the State Administration, because they seem to be completely unable to stop the violence. One must note that Basirhat is very near to the Bangladesh border. The Hindu organizations and Hindu people are demanding for the central forces to be deployed. They are questioning the Government of the state, because at Darjileeng the state government ask for the central forces from the Union government, why are not they asking for the same for Baduria violence?



Many are claiming that the government of West Bengal led by Smt. Mamata Banerjee will not take any strict action against her favorite vote bank.

The questions are also raised at the so called intellectual people, who come out on the roads against mob frenzy but are silent over such a huge violence taking place at West Bengal. The main stream secular media is also playing its role by suppressing the news. But it cannot be suppressed, the people today do not depend on the media as much as they did a decade ago, the common people of Baduria are sending the live pictures through the social media and letting the people of the country know what they are going through.

The Governor called Mamta banerjee and told her to stop the violence otherwise he will be forced to take things into his own hands. Unfortunately Mamata Banerjee did a press conference and said, “The Governor is threatening me, he should not talk like this to me. I’m not his servant !!!”

The so called secular traditional media may try to suppress it but we at Satyavijayi will not suppress this riot. We firmly stand with the Hindus of Baduria.