West Bengal Government takes U-turn on Durga idol immersion

It seems like the West Bengal Government has taken a complete U-turn on the Durga idol immersion issue. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said that the Goddess Durga immersion will take place on Vijyadashami till 10 pm. Earlier it was said by the same Chief Minister that the immersions on the Vijyadashami will stop at 6 pm because of Muhharam. The change comes in a response to a case filed at the Kolkata High Court against the decision.

“What we had said is on the day of Ekadashi, on October 1 there will be no immersions. Muharram, which is an occasion of mourning by the Muslim community, falls on the same date. Immersion will resume as usual from October 2 to 4,” The Chief Minister further said. It has to be noted that even according to the Hindu Tradition the idol is not immersed on the day of Ekadashi.

The Chief Minister also warned the Right Wing camp which is planning to celebrate Shastra Puja (Weapon worship) on the day of Vijyadashami. “Some people of RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP-brand… if they think they can snatch away peace and hurt Bengal’s culture, then let me tell them clearly that don’t play with fire. You be good and celebrate the Puja well,” said Mamata Banerjee.

Seems like Mamata Banerjee being a seasoned politician has understood that her recent decision to stop idol immersion on Vijyadashami is helping the BJP to further propagate its narrative of TMC being an Anti-Hindu party. This is not the first time the West Bengal Government has made such an U-turn. Few months back the West Bengal Government announced that Bangla language will be compulsory throughout the State but when Nepali speaking people in the hills started protesting against the move, the Government made an U-turn to say that Bangla will be an optional language in the hills.