What A Befitting Reply by Subramanian Swamy to Rahul Gandhi who termed him “Modi’s Chamcha”

What A Befitting Reply by Subramanian Swamy to Rahul Gandhi who termed him

Even as Congress MP Rahul Gandhi rejected allegations of having a British citizenship and called Subramanian Swamy a ‘chamcha’ of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP leader responded by saying that being called a chamcha was a great compliment.

Mr Swamy said, “I have been labelled as a chamcha. I am happy he (Rahul) called me a chamcha as in Congress, chamcha has a very high post. I feel that being called a chamcha is a great compliment.”

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi rejected the allegations against him and dared Mr Modi to order an inquiry against him and jail him if he is proven guilty. He accused Mr Modi of using his ‘chamchas’ (cronies) to sling mud at him. He said the RSS and BJP had done the same against his parents and grandmother Indira Gandhi.

Reiterating that Congress MP Rahul Gandhi had British citizenship, BJP leader on Saturday asked him to prove his innocence. The BJP leader demanded that Parliament should conduct an inquiry into the case, as Rahul Gandhi had mentioned his British citizenship despite being a member of the Indian Parliament. “The documents obtained from the British government website shows that Rahul Gandhi has mentioned himself as a British national before the company law authorities there for setting up a company in 2006. He has been a Member of Parliament since 2004. If he is proved guilty then will be disqualified from the post,” Mr Swamy said.

Further replying to Rahul Gandhi’s comment asking that he be proved guilty, Mr Swamy said the onus was on the Congress leader to prove his innocence. “I have proved the prima facie case that Rahul Gandhi is a British citizen through documents obtained from the British government. It is his responsibility to prove his innocence. Let him show his passport if he doesn’t hold a dual citizenship,” he added.

Demanding an inquiry through the ethics committee, Mr Swamy said Rahul Gandhi was evading fundamental questions arising out of the Backops Private Ltd. Company incorporated in Britain in 2003. “He becomes liable to be removed from the Membership of Parliament,” Mr Swamy said.

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