‘What did you take today’, Hasmirat kaur badal takes drug jibe at Rahul gandhi

Union Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal on Friday went after Congress president Rahul Gandhi, asking what did he have today before coming to Parliament while asserting that the congress leader had blamed Punjabis for being “nashedi (drug addicts)”.

After criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a few issues including Rafale deal on Friday, Gandhi strolled over the green-covered well of the Lok Sabha to Modi and embraced him.

Akali Dal pioneer Harsimrat Kaur stood up and took complaint to Gandhi’s embrace saying he can’t do this “pappi-jhappi drama” in the Parliament.

Continuing his discourse after a break constrained by interruptions, Gandhi said that individuals from the ruling coalition additionally valued his discourse when the House was dismissed quickly. He additionally alluded to Badal, sitting on the Treasury seats, that the lady pioneer from the Akali Dal was likewise grinning at him.

Afterward, conversing with columnists outside Parliament about the occasion that unfurled in the House, she blamed Gandhi for turning to “dramebaazi“.

“They call us Punjabis as nashedi (sedate addicts). So I likewise asked him with a grin ‘aaj aap kaunsa kar ke aae hai (what did you take today). He neglected to understand my signal yet just observed me grinning,” she said.

Amid his discourse, Gandhi said that rivals may loathe him, call him “Pappu” yet he has no outrage or disdain against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

French govt reacts to Rahul’s charge, says India marked secrecy settlement As indicated by ANI, the French government has observed Rahul Gandhi’s announcement in the Parliament and issued an statement clearing up that India signed a privacy agreement in 2008, which lawfully ties the both countries to ensure the secret data gave by the accomplice. The French government additionally stated: “These arrangements normally apply to the IGA finished up on 23 September 2016 on the procurement of 36 Rafale air ship and their weapons.”