SV Exclusive !! What’s brewing inside Karnataka BJP?

On Wednesday, 30th of December, reports in Karnataka dailies said that eleven roads in Padarayanapura are set to be renamed after social activists, adding that ‘someone having issues with the decision may file objection within 30 days.’

Quite astonishingly, all the social activists after whom the roads were proposed to be renamed are from the Muslim community. As expected, this evoked strong reactions and objections from various quarters. Questions were raised on why all the eleven roads should be renamed only after Muslim social activists alone.

Taking the protests against the proposed renaming to another level, BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde wrote to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) against implementing the suggestion.

Respecting the sentiments of people Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has temporarily halted any further development in this regard. However if experts are to be believed then this is temporary measure and that the Government will not be able to hold it for long as BBMP has decided upon implementing the change.

When Satyavijayi team further investigated into the roots of the matter, startling details were revealed to us. We found that it was BJP corporator Munendra Kumar who had first made the proposal of renaming eleven roads of Padarayanapura after Muslim activists. Further, it was another BJP leader M Goutham Kumar who approved it. Kumar is former Mayor of BBMP and is also the current treasure of BJP in Bengaluru central.

Here are the exclusive documents related to above findings :

Surprisingly, both Munendra Kumar and M Goutham Kumar have RSS roots. The series of events have now started to raise serious questions regarding the state of affairs within BJP in Karnataka. It is being asked that whether or not there are attempts to deliberately embarrass and unsettle the BS Yediyurappa led Government in the state.

It may be just the right time for BJP central leadership to interfere into the affairs of Karnataka state unit. It will be interesting to see where the issue heads from here. However, if the reactions which have been observed since the news of road renaming first appeared in local newspapers on Wednesday is something to go by, then the issue will surely cause some turmoil both in Karnataka politics as well as within the BJP in coming days.