When BJP hits someone, they fall straight at graveyard: West Bengal BJP President

Making a controversial statement, West Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh said when BJP hits someone, they fall straight at graveyard. “When BJP hits someone; they don’t go to hospital, but to the graveyard”. 

Addressing a public rally at Durgapur’s Ukhda, Ghosh said, “You may remember how Mithun Chakraborty in a movie said that ‘I’ll hit you here, you’ll fall straight at graveyard’, I’m now saying, When we hit here, the dead bodies will fall here and there”.

The comment came after TMC lawmaker Jitendra Tiwari threatened BJP saying “the next time they do such a public rally in Paschim Bardhaman District, they will be straight sent to the hospital for at least 6 months”. Few days back, clashes between BJP workers and civic volunteers were witnessed in Pashchim Bardhaman, after the saffron party decided to hold a public meeting in the district despite of not having proper approvals from the administration.

Responding to Tiwari’s comments without naming him, Ghosh said “Regional MLA says that they will thrash us so bad that we will have to be hospitalised for 6 months; but we will be back on our feet after returning back from the hospital. But, I would like to tell him that we thrash in a way that a person doesn’t reach hospital, but reaches straight to graveyard”.

He said that “When BJP isn’t thrashing, TMC leaders are levying allegations on us, now if BJP starts thrashing; the one’s being thrashed will straight land in hospital”. He further added saying “You could go ask people who have been beaten up BJP, that what is their condition”.

Ghosh didn’t stop here. He further referred TMC leaders as ‘dogs’. He said that when dogs bark, they don’t bite.

MLA from Kharagpur, Dilip Ghosh is a firebrand BJP leader who is well known across the state for making controversial statements.