When M.H.Ansari ignored to rescue our R&AW operative captured in IRAN

When Mohammed Ansari did not take any action to rescue our R&AW operative captured in IRAN.M.H Ansari, the current Vice President of Republic of India was one of the few Muslim Diplomats posted by the MEA. He was posted as an Ambassador to Tehran in the late 1990’s. An Indian R&AW operative, Kapoor was kidnapped by the Iranian intelligence officials while he was returning from India to Iran. This young operative was tortured for three days and his whereabouts were never informed to the Indian Embassy. He was drugged, given inhuman treatment before he was thrown out on a lonely road.




Ansari did not pursue this matter with the Iranian Government much to the discomfiture of the staff posted in Tehran. The Kashmiris from India were imparted religious preaching at a religious centre at Qom near Tehran by the religious clergy of the Iranian counterpart.
Our R&AW was closely monitoring and keeping a watch of the activities of these trainees and reporting to the Head Quarters in New Delhi. R&AW had also managed to develop contacts inside the religious centre through another operative, Mathur and used to procure inside information through his contacts which was known to Ansari.
Mathur was later kidnapped by Iranians Intelligence and when he did not make it to work, his colleagues made the efforts to trace him in Tehran. Ansari did not take this matter seriously and the staff inside the Mission were outraged and agitated over the lackadaisical attitude of Ansari in this matter. Finally after two days, all the wives of the staff members numbering more than 30 of the Mission assembled outside the gate to protest against Ansari for his inaction to get Mathur, our operative released. Ansari refused to meet these ladies and when the situation reached a boiling point, Mathur’s wife along with some other ladies barged into his room and rebuked him for his inaction. Then R&AW operatives contacted HQ in New Delhi and informed the then PM, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Within few hours, Mathur was released by the Iraninan Intelligence when PMO intervened and took up the matter with Iran.
Mathur was subjected to third degree torture but refused to divulge any information. They wanted to get information of R&AW agents in Iran. Most of the R&AW operations in Iran received a set back after this incident since the operatives became highly insecure due to inaction of Ansari.

Security in Jammu and Kashmir is maintained by the Indian Army which has to fight against terrorism which is actively supported from across the border.
Our brave R&AW operatives had even penetrated QOM religious centre to monitor activities of some Kashmiri elements which was detrimental to the security situation in our Jammu and Kashmir.
Successful Operation by R&AW, let down by Ansari. Note, some of the information, regarding Jethmalani, Ansari was revealed by RK Yadav, Former R&AW Officer in his book.

Source:An Article in Quora