When Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Met Hitler-This is what happened

Subhash Chandra Bose went to Hitler to seek his support for India’s Independence. When he arrived at Hitler’s residence, he was welcomed by Hitler’s staff and directed to wait outside his office. He was informed that the Fuhrer was in an important meeting and attend to him as soon as it was over.

Netaji agreed to wait and began reading newspapers. However, a long time passed but Hitler did not came out. After some time Hitler came out of his office, saw Netaji but did not meet him. Neither did Netaji went up to him.Hitler went away.

After some time Hitler passed by Netaji but did not meet him. The same gesture was repeated by Netaji. This went on several times.

At last Hitler came, walked upto Netaji and stood their silently. Netaji did not lookup and remained engrossed in reading. At this, Hitler went behind Netaji and placed his arms on Netaji shoulders. At this gesture, Netaji looks up to him and says “Hitler”. Hitler asked back “How can you be so sure?”. To this Netaji replied, “No one except the Real Hitler has the audacity to place his arms on my shoulders”.

Apparently, like any other leader, Hitler kept many look-alikes to fool his enemies, but he could not fool the Great Netaji.



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