LOL:When Parliament was Debating on Kashmir, This AIADMK MP Sang Tamil Films Songs

Kashmir issue was taken up for discussion in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday after continuous shouts and pressure from Opposition. Kashmir has been under curfew for over a month now and politicians from across the spectrum urged the government to work out a political solution to restore peace in the valley.

But AIADMK MP A Navaneethakrishnan took to his speech and steered the discussion to a whole different direction by talking about Tamil cinema instead.

It was altogether a lol moment, when he also sang a song from Tamil Movie “Kashmir is Beautiful” ‘Idhaya Veenai’. Inspired by his singing skills, Speaker allowed him to continue his song err Speech.

He then said ‘I belong to Kashmir. Kashmir belongs to me,’ he began, and went on to talk about the “very very nice people of Kashmir” at length, while distinctly remembering to pause in between to thank ‘Amma’ a countless times during the narration.

He also thanked Kashmir for Saffron produce, which is helping pregnant ladies in Tamil Nadu.

There are more hilarious moments in his speech, which is not to be missed.

Here is the full Video.

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