Where is JanLokPal? Kejriwal’s Lies Exposed in this Video

Kejriwal's lies exposed image 1

Arvind Kejriwal organized Anna’s movement for a corruption free India when Anna spearheaded the JanLokPal movement. After ditching Anna, Kejriwal started his own political party and went on to become the second largest party in Delhi the first time they fought the election, nearly decimating Congress. Kejriwal became CM with the support of Congress and everyone expected that he would bring in Lokpal now.

However, he resigned saying that Congress and BJP are not helping him bring in the Lokpal and that he would rather resign and come back with full majority to pass the law. In the next elections, Delhi showered its love on Kejriwal, this time in an even higher proportion. AAP won 67 seats and BJP won the remaining 3. Congress was extinct from Delhi and BJP, while maintaining it’s votershare, was nearly decimated.

So, what did Kejriwal do after coming to power with a HUGE mandate in Delhi? Did he bring in the LokPal in 15 days as promised? Watch the video to expose Kejriwal’s lies completely.


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