While Zakir Naik and ISIS are banned, why not the Communists (a.k.a. Naxals or Maoists)?

NOTE: A version of this article appeared in a regional language at TheRationalHindu.com.

It is common knowledge and a matter of fact that various governments, including some Muslim countries themselves, ban various extremist Islamist organisations and Bharat is no exception to that. For example, everybody knows the infamous case of Zakir Naik and his Peace Foundation, Islamic Research Foundation, etc. While this is possibly the right thing to do why is not that an equally dangerous or arguably more dangerous (by body count) communist terrorists, both their political wing and their Naxal branches, do not ever get banned or lawfully prosecuted? Is it because their roots are from the Christian Western nations while Islam is Asiatic?

It is also important to note that many people do not know that Naxalism or Maoism are just different terms for Left-wing and communist terrorism. By inventing a variety of terms for the same phenomenon the Left-cabal controlled Indian media confuses the public deliberately to sanctify their image. The shouting Indian Left-wing television prime time speakers that you often dislike are not as naïve as you might think they are. Behind their masks lies an insatiable bloodlust.

Imagine, whom you admire on television and whom you let to walk around freely is probably supporting and enabling a misguided left-wing extremist to bomb you to death or kidnap you to torture. All of this just because some white guy who never worked in his life for a living, and never visited India, misunderstood the foundations of economic principles and this misguided extremist has been brainwashed (enslaved) into making that white man his role model. The perversity of the existence of the Left-wing ideology cannot be described more succinctly. (1)

The number of dead from the Naxal (communist, Maoist) movements alone is reportedly about 15,000. (2) However, this does not count the “political murders” that happened and continue to happen every day in the erstwhile communist West Bengal and the communist-ruled state of Kerala. If the West Bengal body count alone is looked at, as shamelessly admitted by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) in the state assembly while they were in power in the state, it will be about 58,000. This is about one murder every four hours and 50 minutes when they were in power in West Bengal. (3)

Is this isolated to India? Not at all. Arguably, they are possibly more deadly than even the Islamic and Christian terrorists. (4) This is the number of people that the communists have killed around the world and is the main reason they were thrown out violently as well:

  1. Joseph Stalin, Russian communist leader – more than 20 million people were exterminated (genocide) by him. At the time of this genocide, this would have been akin to genociding more than one-fifth of the South Asian population, not just the Indian population.
  2. Mao Zedong, Chinese communist leader – about 80 years ago he murdered (genocide) more than 65 million people.
  3. Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge (the communists of Cambodia) – eliminated 2.5 million of the 7 million total population of the country.
  4. North Korean communist regime – over 4 million people dead and still counting.
  5. Add to this the innumerable dead in Vietnam, Romania, Bulgaria, East Germany, Ethiopia, Cuba, etc.

To understand why the communist fascists are so violent, one should understand their parent religions, particularly Christianity, and their umbilical cord relationship with it. Perhaps, is that the reason (the Christian-communist nexus and its origins from Christian White Europe) that nobody wants to ban the communists but only the Islamic terrorists? (5)

NOTE: A version of this article appeared in a regional language at TheRationalHindu.com.


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