WHOA !! An Amazing VIDEO By A Muslim THRASHING Om Puri & Naseeruddin Shah & Why He Will Boycott Ae Dil Hai Mushkil !!!

What is the meaning of Patriotism? What is the source of Patriotism? Who defines Patriotism? Who are the owners of Patriotism?

There are some of the most frequently asked questions by so called pseudo liberals in order to justify their Anti National approach to relations with Pakistan. They think that Patriotism can be bent as per their own selfish needs. They are so self centered that, in one movie they would show a scene of “A fluttering Indian flag” make money from Indians. At the same time they would use a Pakistani actor in another movie to milk money from Pakistanis.

This patriot who is seen in this video has dealt a strict blow to such elements. He doesn’t credit his Patriotism to Bollywood, Religion, Prime Minister, President or any other physical form. He credits his Patriotism to India by his devotion to Bharath Maa, he credits his love for Bharath Maa by the love of this soil. For he has proved himself to be a true son of the Soil

Such is the mood in the country that the whole of India in united in Boycotting Chinese Products, Boycotting Pakistani lies and embracing every Indian as his/her kith and kin. Don’t we need more Indians like him? Don’t we need to make him famous by sharing this video? Do we need pseudo liberals like Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah and Shahrukh Khan to define our Patriotism to India?

Now I leave the option up to you. Share this video and make him famous or choose to be a pseudo liberal who is happy by satisfying his/her own selfish needs.

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram !!!