WHOA !! A Muslim Completely Exposed How Jignesh Mevani and Shehla Rashid are Trying to Divide Hindus in Name Of Dalits

This extract is taken from Answer to a Question “Is Jignesh Mevani trying to divide Hindus again in the name of Dalits with the help of Umar Khalid, Shehla Rashid and other left leaders?” in Quora by Abdul Qadir

I know the answer has religious connotations but when something is being done malevolently quite possibly against the country in an organized manner then the truth need to be said before it is too late.

Truth is a bit long, but it goes a long way too. Be an informed citizen at least in a matter which concerns us all.

Let’s start.

Years ago a Pakistani Sunni gentleman with a common friend (boasting of having a political background) revealed me a bitter truth, that in Pakistan Dalits and Hindus are identified differently. I thought he may have exaggerated it for obvious reasons, but on a simple search it was revealed he wasn’t lying.

They also fear that the ratio of Dalits in the minorities will be reduced further as many of them include themselves in the Hindu category even though the religion column includes a separate category for the scheduled caste[1].

And this has been happening for over a decade. Over the years, the Govt there facilitated a Dalit organization called SujagTehreek to get rights for scheduled castes[2].

And from whom? Not from Pakistani Govt, Not from Pakistan Army both of which are dominated by Puniabi Sunnis. The Pakistan Govt want them to get their rights from “upper caste Hindus”[3]. Yes the same community which inter alia other communities is constitutionally not allowed to hold any top executive post in the Pakistani Govt or Army. A narrative is being built that the reason for their oppression is their own religion and not the Pakistani constitution which deprives them of rights equivalents to the majority[4].

Now what began as a fun social experiment could well have “Blueprint” for India. But how would it work in India? Constitutionally everybody is given equal rights in India unlike in Pakistan[5]. In fact Dalits are given special quotas in education, employment and political. Then how can one possibly achieve the objective of dividing a community in the country? The only way this can be pulled off is by creating an environment where a group is shown to be oppressed by their co-coreligionist. Now for that you need people who would be willing to pull the strings from within the country. In India there are only two kind of active forces which want to destroy India,

1. Naxalism ( Ultra Leftism[6]) 2. Separatism (viz. Kashmiri Sepratism) born out of Religious extremism[7].

Now let’s discuss the background of the people in the question.


30 year old Shehla was born and brought up in Kashmir at a time when Kashmiri separatism was at peak and Non Muslims were being driven away[8] . She did her engineering from NIT Srinagar before she started working with HCL for a brief period of time where she got disillusioned enough to leave it[9]. And soon she saw hope in JNU and the engineering graduate joined an Arts course there[10]. And right from her initial days she got herself involved in Politics and was elected JNU Vice president representing student wing of communist party (AISA). She has been extremely critical of Indian Army. And in an interview she Kind of revealed her reasons apart from being brought up in a separatist environment.

“An aunt of mine was hit by a bomb and her arm was severed. There was always a military presence wherever you went in the valley. And yet, we weren’t brought up to question these things,[11]

One thing about Shehla is that she is really smart. If she have to say something, her friends will say it and she will tacitly endorse it. When her good friend gave a blanket statement about Indian Army that it does rapes in Kashmir[12], her condemnation was nowhere to be found when she was like his shadow all along.


30 year old JNU student, made national headlines when the JNU controversy in 2016. According to videos in media he was at the very least around the guys who were raising slogans against the Union of India if not raising the slogans himself[13].

Talking about Umar Khalid. His father was a member of now banned radical outfit Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) which the Supreme Court of India described as secessionist[14]. He was part of a documentary in the backdrop of the infamous Batla House encounter which happened to be not very far from Zakir Nagar. where he was brought up. He was in fact part of a 2009 documentary where he is showing his angst against discrimination in everything from getting Taxi to his locality to not getting a Pizza delivery[15]. Pretty clear he was angry about the way things were around him in locality or perhaps even in whole of India.

Interestingly in JNU he too was part of a DSU related with communist party of India[16].

Now do these guys have reasons to hate India? Many of you would like to believe so in light of their background.

Are they really trying to pit one group from Majority community against other?

Interview: Shehla Rashid on the Attack on JNU, Left-Dalit Solidarity and More

Let’s see.



Now have these guys ever stood against deep rooted oppression/ Discrimination against certain sects (e.g Ahmadis) in Islam? Can Shehla in her capacity as a devout Muslim say that Ahmadis are as much Muslims as Sunnis are? If she really is resolute to end “caste discrimination”, should leaders like her marry in Dalit community to set an example and break not just caste but barriers of religion?

Does she and Khalid condemn the violence in Kashmir endorsed by Separatist leaders (e.g. Hurriyat) of Kashmirs and Violent Naxalism as Terrorism? If they condemn none of the above then, people do have a reason to believe that their self proclaimed movement against castism in Hinduism is selective and possibly part of a larger plot to strike a wedge between Dalit fault-line in the majority community of India which is by and large despised in Pakistan.

if you can’t condemn discrimination in your own community (e.g. Ahmadis, Shias) then how can you claim to be an activist to end discrimination in a community you are not part of? FurtherShehla talks about gender empowerment but doesn’t openly condemn rape by her AISA ex-President[17]?

And talking about the link between the Trio. Shehla led a full throttle campaigning in support of Jignesh on Twitter, Facebook in run up to Gujarat elections. They perhaps work in coordination post Jignesh’s victory.

Jignesh works on field with Umar Khalid

Just recently, both of them went to a yearly Dalit congregation in Pune with history of little or no violence[18]. But this year the event witnessed large scale violence. A video later emerges where Mevani allegedly urged the Dalits in the rally to resort to “Street war” to settle score[19].

A part of me want to believe that the trio is trying to do something for oppressed classes. But back ground of both Shehla and Umar do create a doubt. The non condemnation of Kashmir Sepratism and Naxalism as terrorism further emboldens the doubt. Now when these guy are campaigning and working with Jignesh, which eventually leads to caste based violencedue to the alleged hate speeches, one feels impelled to question their intent to pit one community against another.

Unity of all Kind is welcomed. But this current attempt of Dalit Muslim unity by deliberately offending their co-coreligionists does appears to be in line of what Pakistan did to the Hindu community in their country. Divide.

Her time line on her social media accounts is filled with unbelievable amount of hate. Just look at this.

Is this the way unity is achieved in a country? Certainly not.

Why not campaign for Hindu, Muslim and Christian Unity? Wasn’t that our great Ganga-Jamuna culture originally wasLet’s not mainstream hate culture of Kashmiri Separatists and Naxals in India. The newly sprung up web based news portals are leaving no stone unturned to promote these guys. Instead they should by now have got jobs to do something productive for their country.


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Abdul Qadir